Audubon Dallas manages Cedar Ridge Preserve which is located at 7171 Mountain Creek Parkway in the southwest part of Dallas County. It is one of the last remaining undeveloped parts of the White Rock Escarpment. A significant portion of Blackland Prairie, one of the most endangered ecosystems in the United States, is found here. We believe it is important to restore and preserve these geological/ecological sensitive areas.  The mission of The Preserve is to secure, protect, restore and monitor this unique section of the White Rock Escarpment to maximize the diversity of native plants, and animals in the area. It has been managed by Audubon Dallas since April 2003 by charter from the Dallas County Park & Open Space Program and the City of Dallas. The Trail and Preserve program sets aside natural habitats where native plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals can continue to thrive.

Habitat Restoration

The Preserve has prairie areas which are overgrown by trees and other woody plants that shade out the native prairie grasses. Volunteers help remove these plants and restore the Blackland Prairie areas to habitat needed by wildlife and birds - especially the endangered Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla). Our goal is to link several prairie areas to create an extended sweep of grassland across the North edge of The Preserve while retaining scattered clumps of Aromatic Sumac, Elbow bush and red oaks for nesting habitat.

Conservation in Action!

Habitat Restoration & Trail Maintenance at Cedar Ridge Preserve happens the 3rd Saturday of each month throughout the year, come rain or shine. Volunteers remove non-native plants, restore trails, and work in the butterfly garden. Repairing trails reduces erosion trouble spots and removing non-native plants saves water and nutrients for plants native to the area. We'll provide snacks, water, pruning shears, shovels, and work gloves. Please bring sun screen and bug repellent. Although we provide equipment, some volunteers like to bring their own gloves and favorite tools. Questions? Contact