Cedar Ridge Preserve is designated as a nature preserve due to the environmental importance of the area it encompasses.

Why is it a preserve and not a “park”?

Unlike a park, the primary focus of a nature preserve is to maintain and/or restore its natural ecological conditions in order to protect the land and its native plants and wildlife. In general, while preserves may be open to the public for hiking and educational opportunities, they may not offer as wide a variety of recreational opportunities as a typical park. Visitation, activities and amenities within a preserve are limited so as to prevent deterioration of the land. Additionally, nature preserves often do not have paid staff to pick up litter and perform other maintenance tasks, but rather depend on volunteers and donors to assist with the upkeep of the habitat.

Please observe the following regulations:

  • No littering
  • Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times
  • Dog waste must be picked up and deposited in the trash can at the entrance. Leaving dog waste on the trail (bagged or otherwise) is prohibited.
  • Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed
  • Please stay on marked trails
  • Audible music/recordings disturb people and animals. Please use headphones/earbuds
  • Do not disturb plants, wildlife, or any part of the environment
  • Visits are allowed during posted hours only

Thank you for visiting this page, and we look forward to your visit to Cedar Ridge Preserve!

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