What is the difference between a Nature Preserve and a Park?

Unlike a park, the primary focus of a preserve is to maintain and/or restore natural ecological conditions to protect native plants and wildlife. Preserves may be open to the public for hiking and educational opportunities, but they might not offer as wide a variety of recreational opportunities as a park. Visitation and amenities at a preserve are limited in order to prevent deterioration of the land. Also, nature preserves often do not have paid employees to pick up litter and perform other maintenance, but rather depend on volunteers and donors to help with the upkeep of the habitat.

When is the best time to visit?

We are open Tuesday-Sunday, 6:30am until dusk. (Closing time is 30 minutes after sunset, and the gate will be locked one hour after sunset.) We are closed on Mondays.

Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee, but because we rely on volunteers and donations to maintain the Preserve, a donation of $3 or more is encouraged. The donation box is on the main trail, in front of the Education building. We also accept PayPal and Cash App donations!

Is the Preserve closed on holidays?

On most holidays, the Preserve will be open. Please check our Facebook page or our website for current information.

Does Cedar Ridge Preserve have bicycle trails?

No; The trails at Cedar Ridge Preserve are for pedestrian traffic only.

Are dogs allowed in the Preserve?

Yes, but they must be kept on a leash at all times, and dog waste must be picked up and deposited in the trash can at the entrance. Leaving dog waste on the trail (bagged or otherwise) is prohibited.

Where should I park?

There is a gravel parking lot and marked spaces inside the Preserve. Overflow parking is available down the street at Park in the Woods Recreation Center, 6801 Mountain Creek Parkway.

Are there restroom facilities on site?

Yes, there are restrooms at the entrance, but not along the trails.

Is fishing allowed?

Fishing is allowed on a catch and release basis only.

Are the trails easy or difficult?

There are several hiking trails, with varying degrees of ease/difficulty.

Are the trails shaded?

Each trail is different, but there is a good amount of shade throughout the Preserve.

Are the trails ADA accessible?

The Little Bluestem Trail and Butterfly Garden are ADA accessible.

Does the Preserve have picnic tables and cookout equipment?

There are picnic tables, but cooking is prohibited in the Preserve.

Is the Preserve a good place for parties or family reunions?

We welcome family visits! However, parties are not allowed.

Can I camp at the Preserve?

No; Camping is not allowed at the Preserve.

Is it permissible to walk off the trails?

No; Please stay on the marked trails.

How can I volunteer to help maintain the Preserve?

On the third Saturday of every month, we hold a Conservation In Action Workday. You can help with habitat restoration and trail maintenance; All you need to bring is sun screen and bug repellent. Contact info_CRP@yahoo.com for more details.

Is there poison ivy along the trails?

Yes, Poison Ivy grows along most of the trails.

Is there any dangerous wildlife in the Preserve?

There are venomous snakes at the Preserve. If you see one, give it a wide berth and LEAVE IT ALONE! Snakes and other animals are protected species at the Preserve.